A few people to thank.

December 12, 2012 3:55 pm | One Comment

When I joined the faculty at UMSL, it seemed like an opportune time make a website–suddenly, instead of mere self-indulgence, an author site would support my writing and my program, building (I hope) the profile of both. Plus, I got a raise.

I want to make a note or two here about two creative-types who made this whole thing happen. First, Josh McCall, who designed and built the site. He was prompt, attentive to details, and generous with his time. He’s got a great aesthetic and he works well with writer-types. Second, Siena Baldi, one of the founders of the MITCH Collective, an arts organization in Martin’s Ferry, Ohio. Siena, along with co-founders Sylva Johnson and Leah Nixon, was a student of mine at Washington University in St. Louis. These three talented women collaborated on the art you see in the background. It’s a screen print that Siena made from a photo taken by Leah. I love it.

So thanks to Josh and to Siena, Leah, and Sylva for their help with this site. I’ll do my best to keep things fresh here; but even if I fail, you can enjoy the beautiful design.

One Comment

  1. Josh says:

    Thanks, Shane. I had a great time working with you.