The Snowbound House

Anhinga Press | 2009

The Snowbound House was selected by Dorianne Laux as winner of the 2008 Philip Levine Prize for Poetry. Cover art by Vancouver artist Heather Ross.

Shane Seely, in The Snowbound House, reminds us that to live is to be confronted daily with life’s end, is to be death-haunted. These lapsed pastorals remind us that memory is, in its retrospective gaze, elegiac, burdened by grief. The Snowbound House is a remarkable first book startling in the precision of its knowing, in the adamant clarity of its verse.

–Eric Pankey

The Snowbound House is a book of earth and death, a book of often-overlooked human gestures. These poems are rooted in the natural world and are full of acute and profound details. Shane Seely has written a deeply resonant book, both lyrically and emotionally. The Snowbound House is searing and tender–it is a beautiful book.

–Malena Mörling